"Super show and performance. 

 Perfectly pitched for primary aged 

 children and full of impactful 

 messages." '

 - Head Teacher 

 A brand new, interactive performance for primary-age children, teaching community values, and promoting positive mental health. 

 With thanks to our friends at The Blackley Centre! 

Sardines Theatre in partnership with The Blackley Centre


Mrs. Crinkley-Wrinkley's Recipe for Disaster!

Mrs. Crinkley-Wrinkley doesn't like me. She doesn't like you, either. I don't think she even likes herself very much. And she definitely doesn't like the smelly rubbish dump in her front garden! In fact, Mrs. Crinkley-Wrinkley hates everyone and everything except her great-great-great granddaughter, Harmony. Today, Mrs. Crinkley-Wrinkley wants to make a birthday cake for Harmony and she wants to do it all by herself. She doesn't need any help, from anyone. Especially not you.


Can you help Mrs. Crinkley-Wrinkley to realise how special she is, and turn this recipe for disaster into a real recipe for harmony?



''You're not rubbish. You're amazing!"

Hilarious, messy and touching, join Mrs. Crinkley-Wrinkley today as she discovers how much brighter life can be when we work together and treat ourselves and others with respect.

What people say...

'A wonderful production with a clear message.'    

 - Teaching Assistant

'What a fantastic show and experience, educational through fun and laughter! An enjoyable experience for all ages.'                         

 - Parent

'She is able to make the audience laugh, believe, take part and think.'

 - Audience member

Age:                          Educational content:   

Running time:             


Primary (KS1&2)

Self-esteem; respect; British/community values; working together

50 minutes (+ 45 mins before & after to set-up/pack away)

£200 (200 children max.); or £280 for 2 performances 

(+ TRAVEL, standard £0.45 per mile after 5 miles)

***Preview dates available (reduced cost)  |  September 2020*** 

Now booking, dates available:

Preview tour (Sept-Oct 2020)

Winter tour  (Jan-Feb 2021)


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