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 Creative Education workshops for   primary schools. See various   elements of the National Curriculum   come alive in a fun and dynamic way   through drama, movement and play. 

Creative Education workshops (Primary)

***Coronavirus update***

During the lockdown period, Alys is offering free online sessions to help children to learn, play and exercise from home.

"fantastically silly, fun with loads of learning built in. I would highly recommend them. The children loved it!" (Class Teacher, Year 6)

Click here to 'Act It Out with Alys' on YouTube.  

Creative Education workshops are a brilliant way to immerse children in the learning experience. Workshops use games, interactive storytelling and drama to thoroughly engage students in a variety of topics, meeting the learning requirements of the National Curriculum. 

Now offering stand-alone workshops (1 hour) in the following areas:

  • KS2 Science/Geography: States of Matter & The Water Cycle, click here

  • KS2 Science: Plants & Seed Dispersal, click here

  • KS2 Science: Teeth & The Digestive System, click here

  • KS2 Literacy: Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives & Adverbs

  • KS2 Geography: Mountains; Rivers​​

  • KS2 Music: Musical Notation

Bespoke workshops for your school can be created on request. 

Benefits of Creative Education workshops:

  • Engaging, challenging and memorable for all students, including (and of particular value for) those with neurodiversities 

  • Physical activity and raised heart-rate exercise

  • Meets learning requirements of the National Curriculum

Workshops are suited to groups of 40 children or less and teacher presence is essential.

Age:                          Running time:          Price:                           

Primary (KS2)

60 minutes 

£80 (40 children max.) + £40 for every additional session in the same working day i.e. £120 for 2 workshops

(+ TRAVEL, standard £0.45 per mile after 5 miles)

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